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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Restaurant owners are working fast to get the inside of their dining rooms ready to reopen on Friday and health inspectors are also working hard to make sure those kitchens are kept clean.

In-person inspections of restaurants that are currently open resumed nearly two weeks ago.

The Brazos County Health District has nearly a dozen inspectors who visit area restaurants and dining establishments to grade them on cleanliness, sanitation practices, and food safety.

When stay-at-home orders were announced last month, most in-person inspections at restaurants were temporarily stopped.

The Brazos County Health District says it wanted to carefully balance both work and personal safety for everyone involved, so routine in-person inspections were scaled back at that time.

Still, their non-stop work continued.

Many of the inspectors began assisting the epidemiologists who were busy tracking and tracing the COVID-19 virus. They were involved in the contact tracing as new patients were identified.

Inspectors also shifted their focus to new guidelines put in place for restaurants for curbside and to-go orders and were busy fielding a number of complaints and concerns that were coming in from both consumers and restaurant owners.

As in-person inspections begin to increase this week, the health department says it will begin with establishments deemed high-risk. Those are places that score lower than an average of 90 on their last 3 inspections.

While not required by law, the health department is strongly encouraging restaurant workers to wear masks and to continue practicing social distancing guidelines including staying six feet from other people in the workplace if possible.

Click here to see inspections completed between March 10 and April 28.

To report a serious health violation call the Brazos County Health District at 979-361-4440 between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or email: [email protected] to make a complaint.

Be sure to report the restaurant’s address with the date and time of the incident.

You can also report a foodborne illness by going to the Health District’s website and filling out a foodborne illness complaint form.

KBTX will soon re-launch our weekly Restaurant Report Card segments that air every Thursday on News 3 at 10.

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