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A local restaurant owner gave a “piece of his business” to his employees.

It sounds strange doesn’t it? Well it’s actually true, but you’ve got to know Bob’s Downtown Restaurant to really understand the gesture.

If you’ve ever walked in to the restaurant downtown before this coronavirus pandemic, there were dollars all over the walls.

It’s a tradition there to leave a dollar with your signature and then it’s put up on the wall. 

“It all started Day 1. The very first customer came in and the lady paid nene and she gave her money there and I took one of those dollars and I held on to it,” said Owner Tony Sawyer. “Mayor Sandy Stimpson came in and put the second one up. Hopefully you’ll do that again Mayor.”

But unfortunately the money has stopped going up on the walls, in the cash registers, and subsequently in workers’ pockets.

“It’s hard. Its hard on an owner. It’s hard on the community. It’s hard on Mobile,” said Sawyer.

The walls have now been stripped of all of the cash. It added up to about $756, according to Sawyer.

After 5 years, the decision took a little thought, but but Sawyer said it was an easy decision because of what he’s doing with the money. It’s all going to his employees to help them out during this pandemic, since the restaurant is closed for now.

“You know, feed your employees help them out during tough times. It wasn’t really that hard of a decision to make,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer said about 10 employees work at the restaurant.

“I think the people that left that money would want it to go to a great cause,” he added.

More great news…Sawyer said one of his loyal customers matched the money, making the total more than $1500. All of it, he said, is going to his employees.

Sawyer said this is something he’s considering doing yearly for charity.

As for re-opening plan, right now the restaurant is completely closed. Bob’s isn’t doing take out or curbside orders.

Sawyer said we’ll see what the future holds, in terms of re-opening.

Right now, he and employees are focusing on getting the restaurant back in order. After removing the money from the walls, they had to re-paint.

Employees are also disinfecting the entire restaurant.

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