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A local bakery is staying so busy, they recently hired employees and are looking to hire even more.

Tiphanie Cannon, the owner of Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie in downtown Davenport, said that with reduced hours, it’s making it feel busier than last year.

The bakery is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“I’ve hired already four new employees and I’m still looking for two more,” Cannon said.

The local bakery is feeling the support from the Quad Cities community.

“Unbelievably grateful that we can still keep the doors open to Oh So Sweet and that my employees are still getting paid,” she said.

While business isn’t the same…

“The business model has changed because there’s no weddings, there’s no large gatherings, there’s no baby showers,” Cannon said.

The bakery is doing what they can to stay safe during this time.

“We’re wearing gloves, we’re wearing masks and generally we still try to stay away from the car as much as possible,” said David Bohlman, Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie worker.

Employees say being open right now is worth it.

“People have been just thanking us for being open because there are so many businesses that aren’t able to be open right now,” Bohlman said.

Customers are asked to place orders online or by calling (563)-345-9866. If you are picking up an order, call the store and an employee will bring your items out to you.

Staff members are also encouraging customers to get their items delivered. The owner said this is to limit the number of people inside their bakery.

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