Of Bloody Course Laura Managed To Make Pasta In A Crunchy Food Challenge On ‘MasterChef’ – Pedestrian TV

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Tonight was all about the crunch. That’s it, serve up whatever you want, as long as it’s crunchy AF.

People ran with the theme. But what seemed straightforward ended up being a hurdle for half of the contestants.

The judges wouldn’t be satisfied until their damn teeth shattered, it seemed.

Straight out the gate Callum got working on chilli crab. But things got awkward when Jock reminded him people won’t actually be eating the shell, meaning the only really crunchy component of the dish was… the onion rings.

The challenge seemed like Hayden’s to win… if it were last Sunday.

Unfortunately for him, he cooked a curry (!) in a crunch challenge (!!) and the only crunchy element on his plate were the papadams (!!!).

At least Kumar was pleased.

Pasta obsessive Laura pretended to step outside her comfort zone with yet another dough dish, but – get this – it was fried. She called it gnocco fritto but we weren’t fooled.

The next challenge was the gooey food challenge, and it was at that moment Jock decided he’d share a certain anecdote with the contestants and us at home.

Jock’s gloating about eggs didn’t help Dani in the gooey challenge, and she was booted, immunity pin and all.

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