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Texas Monthly chose 19 bakeries statewide to give us carbo-loaded comfort during the pandemic.

Vera’s Bakery on West Davis made the list. Here’s what the magazine says:

Amid gentrification in the nearby Bishop Arts District, this mom-and-pop Mexican bakery retains Oak Cliff’s Hispanic soul. Alfonso Vera bought the tiny spot in 1995, after working for decades at Neiman Marcus’s bakery, where he learned cake–making. A wide variety of fresh pan dulce draws loyal customers.

Ordering: Phone orders are welcome, but there’s no curbside service. An attendant will bag the pastries you choose.

What’s yummy: Although the classic conchas with brightly colored embossed toppings don’t disappoint, the best pan dulce is the Granada, a pillow-soft egg bread with a geometric topping design. The Novia, a coiled egg bread dusted with superfine sugar, is another winner. The pineapple and apple empanadas are excellent, with a nice ratio of sweet filling to wonderfully textured crust.

Pro tip: Ask for the capirotada (Mexican bread pudding, with raisins) in the refrigerated glass case at the counter. The bakery is also famous for its fanciful custom cakes, from two-layered to multitiered.

For super fans of Vera’s, here’s another way to support the locally owned business. Buy one of these adorable T-shirts that remind you to “Let your conchas be your guide.”

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