Shelf-life and food safety: Hear exclusive expert insights on two of the biggest industry challenges right now –

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Across the globe there has been a notable uptick in consumer interest in the provenance and standards of food products, while a surge in demand for fresh produce and packaged goods means shelf life extension and stability are paramount concerns for food manufacturers.

That’s why we will be shining the spotlight on both issues in an exclusive webinar​ on May 12, where Dr Lan Ban, Research & Development Director at Kemin Food Technologies,​ will be presenting expert insights.

According to the company: “Food safety is every brand’s number one priority while keeping product fresh for longer allows business to optimise its returns.

“However, meeting consumers’ demands for safe and high-quality food requires extensive understanding of the chemical and biological pathways that affect products.”

That’s why in this presentation, Kemin will assess how minor, yet hugely important, ingredients such as antimicrobials play a pivotal role in delaying microbial growth and preventing foodborne illness, while simultaneously ensuring brand longevity and loyalty.

Key takeaways will include an understanding of common food safety and shelf life challenges, and listeners will be equipped with toolkit for the best use of antimicrobials to solve them – and boost business outcomes at the same time.

Register for the webinar here.​

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