Advance historic page from Jan. 16, 1952: Local bakery celebrates remodeling –

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Today’s archive page is from Jan. 16, 1952.

Cushmans bakery advertises specially priced products to celebrate the recent remodeling of its location at the St. George Ferry Terminal.

“We hope you will like it and we look forward to seeing you,” the ad states.

Various customer “favorites” are on sale, including: Masterpiece Danish Rings (55 cents, regularly 68 cents); Tulip Rolls (6 for 15 cents, regularly 6 for 18 cents); Fluffy Chocolate Layer (79 cents, regularly 85 cents).

The ad states: “You may now buy oven fresh bakery products — quickly, comfortably and conveniently.”

And Cushmans Ice Cream is on sale for 29 cents a pint — regularly 35 cents a pint.

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Advance historic page from Jan. 16, 1952.

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