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imageVeganNation’s global economic easing initiative injects up to 200 million VeganCoins directly to vegans and vegan-related businesses and organizations affected by the COVID-19 crisis
Becoming the full payment platform for the global vegan community, newly upgraded VeganNation digital wallet will include E-gift cards, crowdfunding,
peer-to-peer lending and business credit line services 
LONDON, May 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While governments act to bail out big banks and corporations, local communities and small businesses and organizations are in dire need of economic easing during and after the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. To meet this need, VeganNation has instituted an aggressive program to provide continuity and support for vegans, vegan businesses and organizations and the local and global vegan economies. VeganNation’s first line of response is to introduce the VeganNation E-gift cards program for registered businesses to help and support with continued cash flow.  The VeganNation platform will showcase the user a list of vegan businesses offering vouchers. Businesses can join the ecosystem by downloading the app from iTunes or Google Play. “It is our collective responsibility and purpose  as a community to step up and help the worldwide vegan community thrive and flourish during and after COVID-19,” said VeganNation founder and CEO Isaac Thomas. “We will emerge from this global crisis as a true vegan nation, true to its values, filled with compassion and serving as a light to the world.” As the world’s first vegan ecosystem, VeganNation has aggressively stepped up to help vegan and sustainability-focused businesses secure financial assistance from the global vegan community as COVID-19 runs rampant worldwide. While the company’s new VeganCoin wallet will be released at the end of April along with its VeganNation Emergency fund, businesses can start registering immediately at After years and sometimes decades sacrificing profits in order to consistently conduct business in an ethical fashion, vegan businesses are taking a particularly rough hit from COVID-19. VeganNation’s upgraded, community-based digital wallet facilitates the immediate delivery of the financial, technology and community values that will allow the worldwide vegan community to directly support local vegan businesses during this crisis. VeganNation has partnered up with a strategic partner to implement the highest level deep technology, Antier Solutions, an Indian-based technology company. Antier Solutions is a Sikh-owned company who are mostly vegan and vegetarian that believes in the need to save the vegan world. “To ensure the highest quality of user experience and security, we have decided to partner with a world renowned software development company” said Rena Thomas, Chief Technology Officer at VeganNation. “I love what VeganNation stands for and I am proud to lend my tech-hand to help in such efforts,” said Antier Solutions CEO Vikram Singh. “This is truly a strategic partnership and together, we are creating something truly remarkable and impactful.” About VeganNation
The VeganNation ecosystem unites individuals, businesses and organizations to discover, share and trade goods and services based on vegan values and lifestyles. Empowered by its VeganCoin currency, VeganNation is leading the vegan community with a sophisticated technology platform that enables a robust vegan economy to flourish. VeganNation was founded by four childhood friends and family: Isaac Thomas, Yossi Rayby, Shneor Shapira and Chaya Rena Thomas. The company supports cruelty-free trade and promotes a vegan lifestyle and sustainable consumption. Visit the website at, download the VeganNation app on a smartphone, and follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.Media Contacts:
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