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Hangout Hospitality Group says it plans to suspend its practice of hiring international students in order to open seasonal summer jobs to domestic restaurant workers affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

In addition to the Hangout itself, Hangout Hospitality Group owns several other restaurants on the Alabama coast, including the ‘50s-themed Sunliner Diner, The Gulf and Picnic Beach. It describes itself as a “multi-brand restaurant group with a focus on creating an atmosphere for families and friends to come together to make lasting memories at the beach.”

It also describes itself as “Pleasure Island’s largest employer,” using an informal term for Alabama’s tourist-oriented beach communities. It says that through its “Jobs Relief Program” it is seeking workers specifically for the summer season stretching from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

“In order to create more jobs, Hangout Hospitality has temporarily discontinued their participation in seasonal international student work programs to accommodate domestic employees that were impacted by COVID-19,” the group said in an announcement. It said it is open to hiring workers affected by closures and capacity limits “in markets such as Birmingham, Montgomery, New Orleans, Atlanta and even as far as New York, Chicago, and Seattle.”

“Traditionally we have relied on international student work programs to get through our high tourist season,” said Shaul Zislin, owner of the group. “We have made the decision that in view of the thousands of workers impacted by COVID-19, we will try and staff all positions with workers who have been affected by the coronavirus.”

According to information provided by Hangout Hospitality Group, participants “will be provided with full-time employment from Memorial Day to Labor Day as well as housing and transportation to and from work.”

The announcement went on to say that “successful participants will be offered the opportunity to bring their family at the end of summer to spend quality time at the beautiful Alabama beaches, in partnership with Luckybird Vacations.”

Application information can be found at the following websites:

The Hangout:

Sunliner Diner:

Picnic Beach:

The Gulf:

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