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Beaver Dam (WKOW) – The Beaver Dam restaurant opened before the safest restriction on the home was completed.

Dozens gathered at the restaurant to meet with the owner in a protest at the State Capitol.

“We are pushing back our constitutional rights,” said Joel Posthuma, owner of 6. Gear.

The restaurant is owned by January, but has been closed for the past eight weeks, making orders once a week.

“You can’t pay the bills because of that,” Postuma said.

He is concerned about maintaining his business and claiming that he has not gained control of unemployment.

So he decided that was enough and reopened the restaurant.

“We don’t have a choice left. They don’t give us a chance, you know, I waited eight weeks and I followed the dollar,” he said.

Postuma has stated that the business will remain open until someone is forced to shut down.

While they are opening, he says they will put in place strict security measures.

“We put up plans. All the tables are six feet apart; the stools are six feet apart; we have hand sanitation stations everywhere,” he said.

While Postuma says the interior will be kept socially distant, the protest he organized was not so far away.

He collected dozens of bicycles to make the journey to freedom. They were taken to the steps of the Capitol to air their grievances.

Although he thinks the virus is real, he doesn’t worry too much about their proximity.

“Are you worried that someone was going to get sick of someone gathering here?” 27 News, WQOW asked the Madison subsidiary.

My theory is, “No one is worried about the three thousand people who walk into a big box store today,” Posthuma said. Once a day there is less of a way than there is in a big box store. ”

While the opening of the restaurant is against the safest order in the house, while there were 27 News, there was no attempt to close the business.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt said on the phone that he knew the business would be open, but did not comment on what he would do.

The postman would not be told if the law required him to appear all afternoon.

Sheriff Schmidt has ordered his deputies to be notified first before the violation of domestic orders is enforced.

In his sheriff’s monthly column, he stated that he wants to prosecute each situation, ensuring that constitutional rights would not be enforced.

27 The news reached Governor Evers’ office for comment, but they did not back down.

When the sheriff asked him to carry out his orders, Evers did not respond directly, saying they were “working well with sheriffs across the state.”

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