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imageHighlightsThese foods can cheer you up on a bad day.Include these mood-boosting foods in your diet.Follow a healthy diet to stay happy during lockdown.What you eat and how much you eat has always been associated with your weight. But, you should know your diet has direct implications on your mental status too. Yes, food that goes into your system affects your mental ability, your senses, and also your mood. Some foods can lead you towards issues like anxiety and depression, while there are some foods that can take you away from these issues and put you in a good mood. This never-ending lockdown has all of us on edge, making us sad or worry, forcing us to be in a really bad mood.Here are some ways you can regulate your diet to take the edge off and make yourself calm down, stave off stress and bring yourself back in a better mood. If you see colourful, balanced food on you plate, it will instantly lift up your mood. So include a variety of foods of different colours in your single meal to feel better.(Also Read: Food and Mood: 10 Foods That Make You Feel Good)4 Powerful Mood-Boosting Foods1. CocoaIt’s not only vegetables and fruits that are good for you. Something as indulgent as cocoa chocolate contains phenylethylamine compound, which is known to reduce depression.2. AlmondsAlmonds are a super healthy dry fruit containing a good amount of vitamin B2, which has the ability to reduce stress hormones in the body and replacing them with happy hormones.3. Fatty FishSalmon, mackeral, tuna – all kinds of fatty fish are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which have the ability to stimulate serartonin level, and take you off from your gloominess.4. Basil TeaHerbal tea made of holy basil may not only improve your immunity level but may also improve your mental state.Bring the feel-good factor in your diet by including these effective mood-boosting foods. Comments

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