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Interest in a more plant-based diet is starting to rise amid meat shortage in the coronavirus pandemic. But what exactly happens to your body and brain when you make the dietary switch?

What To Expect When Switching To Vegan Or Vegetarian Diet

Of course, vegan and vegetarian diets are nothing new and have been around for the longest time. However, due to the apparent meat shortage that we are now starting to feel because of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about by the coronavirus, interest in these meat-free diets are now on the rise once more.

There’s also the fact that emerging research is showing that meat production (especially beef production) isn’t really doing our planet any favors, making more and more people opt for a meat-free diet or think about it at the very least.

But what exactly does a meat-free diet do to the body? Per experts, here’s what to expect:

There will be a change in your bowel movement

Because eating more fruits and vegetables will increase your fiber intake, your bowel movements will likely be more regular. Thankfully, this is healthy and is actually an essential for an overall better well-being. However, you might be a little more bloated than usual, especially if you’ve really increased your vegetable intake.

You can still have unhealthy eating habits

Just because you’re eating a plant-focused diet doesn’t mean that you can’t develop bad eating habits. “Research shows that there are multiple health benefits to going vegetarian if the vegetarian diet is rich in plant-based whole foods rather than just the reduction or absence of animal-based foods,” Emily Hamm, a registered dietitian, said.

You’ll get more nutrients

This should come as no surprise because nutrients can be found in plant-based diets, such as ones found in plants and vegetables. This way you can fulfill your daily nutritional needs.

Your heart health may improve

This is because a lot of vegetarian foods are beneficial to heart health since they have anti-inflammatory properties.

You will have reduced cancer risk

Plant-based foods also contain tons of phytochemicals that help protect human health, as well as help our bodies fight any disease such as cancer.

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