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One of the world’s most famous restaurants has announced a surprising new menu for its initial reopening after the coronavirus crisis.

Known for its daring multi-course feasts that continually reinvent Nordic cuisine, Copenhagen’s Noma will temporarily turn into an outdoor wine bar with just two dining options: a cheeseburger and a vegetarian burger.

The restaurant’s marketing team is doing its best to spin the burgers into a dish worthy of an eatery named “world’s best restaurant” by Restaurant magazine on several occasions: “Both are juicy and packed with umami, with a little bit of magic from our fermentation cellar, served on a freshly baked potato bun developed by our friends at Gasoline Grill.”

To add a little context, the Michelin Guide lists Noma’s usual specialities as asparagus with wild herbs and barley, barbecued cod with condiments and woodruff ice cream with birch sap and pine cones.

It’s not the only change. From its reopening on May 21, Noma’s reservation policy takes a surprising turn. “Come as you are, there are no reservations, we are open for everyone,” states the restaurant on its website. Takeaway will also be available.

That’s a remarkable change for a restaurant known for its multi-month waiting lists. The new concept will be open in the Noma gardens, Thursday thru Sunday 1pm-9pm until further notice.

Full restaurant reopening will take time

Of course, the transformation into an outdoor wine and burger bar isn’t permanent. The team claims they simply need time to prepare the restaurants for a full reopening.

“Being closed for so long means that it will take weeks for our team to get the kitchen back to the levels we were at before closing. We do not yet have an official opening date for the restaurant to share, but we will have more information on this very soon,” said chef René Redzepi.

Copenhagen starts to return to normal life

Noma’s reopening comes as Denmark’s government relaxes many of the strict coronavirus regulations that had been in place since mid-March. Many restaurants including Noma have been closed since then. From May 18, most schools, restaurants, cafes, libraries and churches are permitted to reopen.

However, foreign tourists hoping to check out Noma’s temporary concept will be disappointed. Denmark’s border remains closed to most non-resident foreigners. Denmark’s prime minister Mette Fredriksen has said that the reopening of the border is not a priority.

“A border opening can mean that many people come to Denmark. It may help to move the infection in a negative direction. Of course, the borders must also be seen in the context of what is happening in the countries around us,” said Fredriksen as reported by Politiken.

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