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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – With all of the stores that have been closed during the corona virus pandemic, one that has been missed a lot has been the neighborhood Wild Flour Bakery in Rocky River that opened in 1994. That is going to change as the bakery will be reopening on May 19.

Sue Johansen, owner of the popular bakery, said, “I am really looking forward to it. We did a one-day special for Mother’s Day and there was a wonderful, steady stream of long-time customers. It was a nice way to begin to roll back to work.”

On Mother’s Day Johansen offered a “kit” she made. It was a kit for kids to decorate a cake for their mothers. “We usually have kids come in to do it,” she said, “because it is so much fun. They also could get an already decorated cake. We sold out of both that day.”

For the reopening Johansen said they will be cutting back on hours at least for a while. New hours will be 12 noon to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Saturday will be the same as before, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Overall activities within the store have been planned for as well. “Going into Mother’s Day,” said Johansen, “we measured and found we can fit four people in the store while following social distancing. We put up stanchions both inside and outside the doors. It made sense for better traffic patterns. We will steer customers into the display first, not the counter. The counter will be the last thing before they leave.”

The bakery’s menu will be changing a bit too, she noted. “We are going to do more of our kits. Our goal is to have a different kit every two weeks. The next kit will feature a giant chocolate chip cookie that looks like a pizza and, for Father’s Day, we will have another cake decorating kit. Overall, we want to have more take-home things to do.”

Johansen said they will also have more quick desserts, like brownies and bars and will add more flavor options.

One of the most popular things Wild Flour Bakery is known for are the mini-cakes as well as their signature whipped icing. The mini-cakes are round, five inches in diameter. “We will be devoting half of the display case to the cakes,” Johansen said, “We are really just expanding on these with more variety.”

For weddings, she said she can meet with customers for a one-hour, one-on-one meeting in a dedicated room or the consultation can be held on Zoom. “Wedding consultations are one of the cornerstones of our business,” she said.

But, as with all businesses reopening now , sanitizing is a big issue for which they have to plan.

“We have always been good about that,” Johansen said, “but now we will do more like wiping down the counter between each customer, having both wipes and sanitizers for the customers and even Q-tips for customers to use for the payment machine.” She noted they have also ordered disposable pens for the customers.

Johansen said they have used the time off due to the pandemic for learning. “We are learning with both staff and customers as we go along and all staff will have a copy of the Cuyahoga County Health Department guidelines.”

They also deep-cleaned the store during the hiatus, she said. “We have scrubbed down absolutely everything. We have completely taken apart the store and put it back together again. We want our customers to feel safe and we want them to know we stay up on the guidelines.”

Johansen is philosophical about the whole virus issue. “It’s such an odd thing overall, but we are all experiencing it together. And we are here to make sweets and to make people’s lives a little happier.”

No doubt Johansen’s loyal customers will make her life a little happier too.

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