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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Did people keep their social distance when restaurant patios reopened Friday?

Not at some bars, as we discuss on the Monday episode of This Week in the CLE.

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Here are the questions we’re answering today:

1) Did people in Greater Cleveland follow social distancing rules as they returned to restaurants in the coronavirus pandemic? Some must have, but Lago East Bank is getting a lot of attention for photos shared on social media showing people much closer than 6 feet from each other, not wearing masks.

2) How is China making schools safe as children return to classes? They’re taking temperatures quickly with child-size devices, spraying shoes with disinfectant and adding plastic shields to desks, among other idea. Meanwhile, Ohio is asking parents for feedback on its proposal.

3) Is Progressive Insurance, on of Northeast Ohio’s big employers, bringing the workforce back to the office? Not until September.

4) Has Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s task force on minorities and the coronavirus made any recommendations? No, there’s been no report after nearly a month on the reason for health disparities.

5) What will going to mass be like for Northeast Ohio’s Catholics when the churches reopen in a week? Church will have no singing, no communion wine and no shaking hands during the sign of the peace, to try to protect parishioners from the coronavirus.

6) Why is the Cleveland Clinic excited about blood plasma from Covid-19 survivors? They’re hopeful they can help current patients by taking convalescent plasma from a recovered patient and administering it to someone moderately or severely ill through a blood transfusion.

7) How can day camps keep children safe when they open this summer? They’ll have smaller groups, lots of hand washing and no field trips.

8) What are the rules and guidelines for gyms and workout centers when they reopen May 26? The regulations require social distancing; regular disinfection of equipment before and after each use; removal of some seating and lost and founds; and disabling saunas, steam rooms, and most communal showers.

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