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Veganized traditional recipes from Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, India, and so much more all feature heavily on these gorgeous accounts run by doctors, yogis, authors, and social media mavens from all over the world. Follow these 30 accounts for endless inspiration and plant-based recipes galore. 

1. Lauren Toyota
This longtime popular YouTuber and the face behind Hot For Food is a cookbook author and frequently shares peeks into her daily life, adorable snaps of her cat Snickles, and delicious recipes for things such as buttery cinnamon rolls. 

2. Crystal Pang
Pang’s Instagram serves as a veritable guide to NYC and documents endless vibrant, decadent eats that can be found throughout the city. Noodles, chocolate-filled croissants, oat milk soft serve, dim sum, and so much more frequent her IG posts. 

3. Nisha Balsara
This co-host of the YouTube show The Vegan View and rescue dog mom frequently shares veganized Indian recipes for vegan lamb curry, her family’s chai, and tikka masala as well as her favorite cruelty-free beauty and fashion finds and funny snaps of her daily life. 

4. Cheri Tu
This Sydney, Australia-based blogger has amassed over 130,000 followers on YouTube and shares gorgeous photos of her plant-forward eats, her zero-waste pantry staples, and creative at home recipe inspiration. Don’t miss her creative takes on open-faced sandwiches and mini vegan cheesecakes! 

5. Liz Miu
This Instagrammer is also based out of Sydney and shares tons of veganized Korean recipes for dishes such as mayak kimbap, kimchi pancakes, and Korean rice cakes, as well as vegan travel guides to Seoul, Portland, India, Bangalore, South Gao and so much more. 

6. Ted Lai
As part of Team Vegan McGyver—an Instagram featuring inventive ways to make vegan meals made in hotel rooms with irons, coffee pots, hair dryers, ice buckets, and so much more—Lai frequently shares the delicious plant-based meals he and his vegan family enjoy. As well as the meals (such as loaded reubens and pecan sticky buns) he makes through his vegan pop-up Plant Alchemy. 

7. Woon Heng
Each of her gorgeous posts shares recipes for dishes such as Tom Yum Noodle Soup, Wonton soup, Vegan Unagi, and crispy spring rolls and offers us endless inspiration for mouthwatering recipes to whip up for dinner. 

8. Rose Lee
Born in South Korea and currently residing in Alberta, Canada, Lee goes by the handle Cheap Lazy Vegan and frequently shares delicious and accessible recipes, while also running her YouTube account with more than 665,000 subscribers. 

9. Jasmine Briones
This popular vegan blogger, who operates under the handle Sweet Simple Vegan, shares countless vegan recipes for every dish and baked good you can think of—plus veganized versions of classic Filipino dishes such as Bistek Tagalog on her account with more than 230,000 followers. 

10. Lin Chi Pin
This Costa Rican native currently resides in San Francisco and co-organizes The Joy PotLuck Club, a vegan food meetup by and for Asians in the SF Bay Area, and shares his bright, cheerful, plant-based versions of flan de coco, Chinese bakery style birthday cake, and Persian fesenjān. 

11. Yvonne Ardestani
Owner and head baker of Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen crafts incredible vegan and gluten-free baked goods and cheeses that are sold in over 50 retail stores across Southern California. Her Instagram features her incredibly artful cake creations and rainbow-sprinkled, chocolate-coated doughnuts. 

12. JD Raymundo
Cookie butter blondies, lemon blueberry layer cake, Mongolian style chickpeas, and vegan Rilakkuma buns stuffed with a sweet Ube Paste are just a few of the delicious food creations featured on this foodie’s account! 

13. Krystle Anne
This Los Angeles-based food photographer shares her favorite local vegan eats, dreamy snaps from vegan events, and her own food creations on her highly aesthetic account. Follow along for photography inspiration and tons of photos of delicious burgers, noodles, boba drinks, and more! 

14. Hannah Che
Boldly flavored plant-based recipes inspired by her Chinese and Korean heritage take center stage on Che’s account. Moody shots of bao buns, Tom Kha Gai soup, Black Sesame Tangyuan, and dumplings make this an instant must-follow. 

15. Ivan Chan
Chan features Asian and Asian-inspired plant-based food, recipes, and restaurants from around the world on his food-filled Instagram. From dumpling to scallion pancakes and sushi to chili oils, this account has it all when it comes to veganizing traditional dishes and staples. 

16. Remy Morimoto Park
Under the handle Veggiekins, Park shares vegan and gluten-free recipes, cruelty-free lifestyle tips, reflections on self-care and sober living, as well as insight into mindful movement. Her millennial pink-hued photos and gorgeous interior design shots inspire us to make our home spaces cozy and comforting. 

17. RG Enriquez-Diez
Diez pulls on her Filipino heritage as she shows that any traditional dish can be veganized from Pandesal rolls to Lumpia, and shares the tasty recipes for each on her blog. You can also watch how the recipes unfold on her YouTube cooking show, Astig Vegan Cooking. 

18. Miyoko Schinner
The queen of vegan cheese and decadent cooking gives us a peek into her life and her at-home micro sanctuary Rancho Compasion on her animal and food filled account. From snaps from her home kitchen to travel adventures and reflections on life, Schinner never fails to inspire us. 

19. Nisha Vora
This vegan chef, author, and YouTuber frequently posts incredibly vibrant shots of her decadent food creations and little insights into living a happier, more mindful life. Check out her many highlight reels for cooking tutorials and pantry recommendations. 

20. Sadia Badiei
With a BSc in Dietetics and over 2.79 million subscribers on YouTube, Badiei shares tips on every aspect of wholesome living along with a multitude of plant-based recipes. Check out her tips on being the ultimate plant mom, intuitive eating, and staying organized and creative. 

21. Sheil Shukla
This Internal Medicine Resident Physician and Chicago-native crafts mouthwatering vegan recipes and uses his stellar food photography skills to share them with the world. His Gujarati thali platters (an assortment of dishes arranged as a platter for lunch or dinner) are what we wish we were eating for lunch or dinner and inspire us to get creative in the kitchen!

22. Aman Kanwar
Kanwar goes by the moniker the traveling vet and shares snaps of him with dogs, cats, goats, horses, pigs, and so much more. He uses his account to address pet care topics like euthanisia, LGBTQ issues, and the reasons why he chooses to lead a plant-based lifestyle. 

23. Richa Hingle
This well-known vegan blogger and multiple-time cookbook author frequently pulls on her Indian heritage for recipe inspiration, both veganizing traditional dishes and infusing traditional flavors into her other recipes. Check out her IGTV videos to watch her cooking happen in person. We can’t wait to bake up her carrot cake with cashew cream frosting! 

24. Stephen Demmert
Denver-based Korean chef and photographer, Demmert uses his account to share simple and delicious plant-based meals, looks into the Denver vegan food scene, reflections on self-care and mental health, and tasty veganized Korean dishes like Tteokbokki. 

25. Joanne Molinaro
Long distance runner and Chicago-based vegan recipe creator, Molinaro says she “veganizes Korean food and Koreanizes everything else.” Her recipe highlight reels take you through the creation of countless dishes, her captions are deeply thoughtful and offer peeks into her daily life, and her photos showcase her incredible food creations. 

26. Raniera Rewiri
Host of the Planting Seeds Podcast and New Zealand native, Rewiri uses his account to discuss his Māori Kaupapa Polynesian heritage and plant-based food creations from his food trailer Tupuānuku. 

27. Toni Okamoto
The personality behind Plant-Based on a Budget, Okamoto frequently works to make veganism more accessible, affordable, and less intimidating to plant-curious eaters. Her simple recipes and lifestyle tips have helped many convert to a cruelty-free lifestyle. 

28. James Mukunve
This Korean YouTuber is currently living in Malaysia and shares his tips on maintaining a fit, vegan lifestyle, finding plant-based eats in Malaysia, and healthy meal inspiration via his budding account. 

29. Ann Mai
Mai is an Austin-based food blogger and aspiring designer who shares her passion for a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle through her foodie-filled account. She frequently shares snaps of local eats, vegan travel tips, and her own delicious adventures in cooking and recipe creation. 

30. Tiana Tamihere
New Zealand native and makeup enthusiast, Tamihere posts often feature her vegan, cruelty-free makeup looks, reflections on her Māori Polynesian heritage, and her inspiration behind choosing to live a vegan lifestyle. 

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Products Editor at VegNews and is now craving all the food featured on these accounts.

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