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sat down this afternoon to enjoy tea and some delicious scones from Bettys of Harrogate: a mail-order gift from my sister. As I did so, I picked up my copy of the Guardian and read Grace Dent’s article (McDonald’s is back! Baby steps – give or take some Perspex screens – towards a type of normality, 15 May).

While thoroughly enjoying my solitary afternoon treat, I shared Grace’s sense of loss. Those scones would have been even nicer if I was having a natter with family or friends. Unlike Grace, I still think there is a chance of doing that again, however far off. So in the meantime, Grace, perhaps send your mum a tasty treat through the post.
Ann Pearson

• I long for the noon buffet at the Diwana Bhel Poori restaurant in Drummond Street, near Euston station in London, where the beauty of the display is matched by a variety of taste and texture – the ideal place to go with my curry-loving grandchildren from 14 to 27, but now a no-go for an 87-year-old.
Margaret Driver

• Like Grace Dent’s mother, I too am scared to leave the house. In fact, I am forbidden from doing so as I am shielding. Of course there is a theoretical end date to this, but the only way it will ever be safe is when there is a vaccine, and I fear that we 80-plus-year-olds may be at the end of a long queue if and when one is produced.

But – and I don’t know Grace’s mother’s position – we should spare a thought for our partners. My wife is not shielding and can go out, but there’s always the risk of her bringing the virus back into the house. She takes care, but even when things do return to the new normal, the virus will still be out there and her movements will remain severely curtailed for fear of infecting me. So not only will I and many others not see our grandchildren, or go out for a meal or to the theatre, but our partners won’t be able to either.
David Conroy

• I’m a 91-year-old widow just managing to keep sane during lockdown. But Grace Dent’s article had me sobbing like a four-year-old who had fallen over.
Dorothy Brown

Source: Thanks https://www.theguardian.com/food/2020/may/21/missing-the-simple-joys-of-eating-out