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Running a successful vegan business can be challenging at the best of times, and the current business climate finds many entrepreneurs stretching and pivoting to make things work. Vegan Mainstream’s new Accountability Buddy Program — accepting first-round applications until May 29 — aims to ease those challenges, providing vegan entrepreneurs and business owners with support to get or stay on track with personal or business goals. 

The Accountability Buddy Program is part of Vegan Mainstream Village, a free online Slack-based community designed to provide business-oriented community and support for vegan entrepreneurs. 

Accountability buddy partnerships can be as simple as a weekly check-in to make sure both parties have achieved the tasks they have set out or it can be more involved, depending on the needs of any given pair. The program not only provides access to a supportive platform for communication, but also offers the opportunity for participants to be matched with a partner who has similar needs, interests and availability. 

“It’s never been more important for vegan entrepreneurs to lean on one another, providing mutual support, creative strategy and encouragement so we can all weather this storm, and come out stronger on the other side,” says Stephanie Redcross West, director of Vegan Mainstream.

“We really want to encourage as many vegan entrepreneurs as possible to get involved and take advantage of this free program, and VM Village too,” Redcross West continues. “This is a tough time for small businesses of any kind, and the vegan marketplace is made up of small businesses. Having an accountability buddy is always a great idea, but at a time like this it can be especially helpful.”

Vegan Mainstream is accepting first-round applications until Friday, May 29. People interested in more information can visit Vegan Mainstream and sign up via Google Form here.

Vegan Mainstream offers business and marketing coaching, consulting and training for vegan entrepreneurs, authors, chefs, personal trainers, coaches and business owners. Vegan Mainstream Village is a free online space where you can learn from and collaborate with other professionals who are working in the same marketplace, facing the same challenges. 

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