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From contactless delivery to sanitized vehicles, the F&B industry is trying every possible way to make sure the food that is delivered to your doorstep is safe during these trying times. Gurugram-based pizza startup Instapizza that delivers from eight locations in Delhi-NCR, has gone a step further and is now live streaming the preparation of your order. The Founder, Ashwin Jain, elaborates further. Excerpts:

How does your new initiative #CrustFlix work?
CrustFlix is really simple – anybody can logon to to see our operational outlets on Livestream, all day, every day. We’re really excited about it because it ensures that our current and prospective customers have full transparency and visibility on exactly what we are doing to keep our teams, kitchens, and their food 100 percent hygienic and safe.

Ashwin Jain

Why did you make CrustFlix a permanent part of Instapizza’s business model?
Hygiene, both personal and societal is one of the most crucial tools that we have in the fight against Coronavirus. All businesses must reorient themselves to this fact as soon as possible in order to keep their workplaces, teams, and customers as safe as possible. Radical transparency in hygiene processes is important as it allows customers to know, with full clarity, what the brands, that they frequent, are doing to maintain the most effective and strict hygiene standards. As they say, ‘Seeing is believing’, and this is why we introduced CrustFlix. In addition, the idea that our operations are on public display also helps keep us accountable to our own extreme standards, that include frequent symptom checks, deep sanitisation every two hours and handwashing/sanitising in every 20 minutes. It is now a permanent feature because we believe that transparency is the best way to communicate with customers and that we put our 100 per cent in everything we do!

Instapizza has also hired its own delivery fleet, #TrustBrigade, to make sure that the last mile between the brand and its customers is safely covered. Tell us more about the other safety aspects you have implemented?
The safety of the delivery starts from inside our hygienic, live-streamed kitchens. Once the pizza comes out of the oven, it goes straight into the box, which is then sealed. The box is placed along with a paper delivery bag into a freshly sanitised, zipped, nylon hot bag. Only then our delivery executive collects it.
All delivery executives wear face masks and caps at all times. Upon reaching the customer’s house, our delivery executive dons an additional face shield and gloves, and only then takes out the order from the nylon hot bag. The order is placed in a paper delivery bag on the customer’s doorstep. We also provide a sanitizer wipe with every order as an additional layer of safety, so that the customer can disinfect the box as well.

How do you look at the trend of brands getting innovative during lockdown to attract customers?
I think it is very inspiring to see and hear about the extent to which people are innovating. Not just to attract customers, but to survive and thrive. It is often in times of crisis that the most useful, forward-thinking ideas are developed and launched. It says a lot about the will to persevere.

How do you look at the future of the industry post-COVID?
The future of the industry is very uncertain. Radical changes in both delivery and dine-in are required to operate in a holistically, demonstrably safe and hygienic manner.I think all industry participants recognise that, and we are all busy retooling our business models.

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