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It may be an Italian cuisine, but pasta has made its way to our hearts and how. Who wouldn’t love a plate of piping hot pasta, topped with molten cheese and some special seasonings? Needless to say, we all love pasta; and the best part is it can easily be made at home. So, if you too are a pasta lover and want to make some for yourself, then this article is just for you! We have listed some of the ingredients you can keep at home to make delicious restaurant-style pasta. Be it penne or fusilli or spaghetti, you can choose any pasta of your choice; but make sure you get the seasonings and sauces right!Here Are Some Ingredients You Must Keep At Home To Prepare Pasta:Olive OilOlive oil is an indispensable part of Italian cuisine. From frying to sautéing to baking to marinating- the use of olive oil is versatile and helps to enhance the flavour of a dish. Here’s an option if you want to buy it:Editor’s Choiceimagefromamazon.inCheeseCan you imagine a plate of pasta without cheese? Surely not! If you too are an ardent lover of the cheesy dish, then here’s an option for you:Multi-PurposeimageChilli FlakesBe it aglio-olio or pepperoncino- these hot and spicy flakes complete a traditional Italian pasta. Alongside salt and pepper, you will surely find a bottle of chilli flakes on the tables of any Italian restaurant. If you too want to buy a bottle of chilli flakes, then here’s an option for you:Also ConsiderimageOreganoWhenever we talk about chilli flakes, automatically another spice pops up in mind and that’s oregano. It is possibly one herb that is a must on the ingredients list, if you are making pasta. The bitter and lemony flavour of the herb makes it blend well in any Italian dish. You can consider this option for buying:imageReadymade Pasta SauceThere are times you just don’t feel like going through the process of preparing sauces for pasta. The readymade pasta sauces come to rescue then! Here’s an option if you want to buy a bottle of spicy and delicious readymade pasta sauce:Flavourfulimage(18 ratings & reviews) Comments

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