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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Silver Crown Buffet opened its doors in Binghamton in December.

“Business was pretty good,” said manager Muhammad Sadiq.

If you fast forward six months, that becomes a different story, “we just lost customers, so quickly,” he said.

Manager Muhammed Sadiq said with COVID-19, he chose to close his restaurant completely.

“This is a buffet restaurant, so there is more possibility of transmitting the disease,” said Sadiq.

Despite restaurants being a part of phase three, Sadiq said they have no plans to reopen soon because people won’t want to go to a buffet.

“Social distancing is not going to work in a buffet restaurant. We have to see what the new normal is for a buffet restaurant,” said Sadiq.

Sadiq said they have considered take-out among other options, but for the time being, it is just not worth it.

“It will take some thinking because there are other buffet restaurants in the area that are also closed.”

Buffet Star in Vestal would fall under that category.

“Since May 1st we’ve been doing some take-out and delivery,” said Buffet Star manager Stanley Tung.

With more space, manager Stanley Tung said they will open at reduced capacity once we enter phase three.

“By reducing our serviceable area, we are able to spread out the customers a little bit more,” said Tung.

As far as the buffet is concerned, “we definitely bought a lot of serving utensils and we are going to be changing those out.”

Tung said he isn’t worried about people not wanting to go to a buffet. “Once people know that we are clean and keeping the hygiene up, limiting people to the buffet area, I think slowly people will come through.”

So, these two restaurants will have to wait and see what people will do to find out the fate of buffets.

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