Investing in the Future of Food: NextGenChef connects ‘foodpreneurs’ with mentors, consumers online –

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San Francisco-based NextGenChef​ is one example of this hybrid-platform that bridges professional networking and consumer outreach through a combination of online office hours, lunch and learns and more relaxed mix-it-up Monday presentations that seek to bring together “foodpreneurs,” thought-leaders and consumers interested in local, affordable and regenerative food.

NextGenChef founder Justine Reichman explains in this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Investing in the Future of Food​ that her online platform brings together “both the resources and the entrepreneurs as well as the end consumer so that people can not just listen and make it a spectator sport, but really participate in the conversation and share their specific issues or concerns or experiences.”

In particular, she said, NextGenChef focuses on growing concerns about how food is made, its impact on people and the planet.

“More than ever, people are paying attention to where their food is being sourced, are people being paid a fair wage, what is the impact on my health and on the planet. People have families and kids and they are thinking about the future of this planet because the planet is begin affected by the choices we make. So, the best way I know how to provide access to these resources is by what I have done, which is build and online community,”​ she explained.

Members of NextGenChef gain access to other entrepreneurs, mentors and consumers who are “mission aligned and what to build a better-for-you-food business,”​ Reichman said. She added they also are offered opportunities to promote their products, companies and missions in a way where the platform, and Reichman personally, can magnify their reach and message.

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