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HYDERABAD: The roads are no longer deserted. The weather has turned cool with spells of rain. The evenings are lit up as are the restaurants. But life is yet to come back to normal. The dinners, parties, and musical-cultural gatherings are yet to be held over plates of good food. City life a few months ago appears to be at a telescopic distance with no confirmation of the Covid-19 disappearing anytime soon. And while some organisations have swung back to 100 per cent attendance, a few others have decided not to risk the health of their employees and have continued allowing Work From Home (WFH) facility.

The citizens do venture out but only to buy essentials or pick up the packets of meals they order from the eateries of their choice. And the placed orders reflect their choice of healthier, comfort food comprising the quintessential biryani, steamed dumplings, soups, and fresh barbequed items. The posed restrictions of social distancing have made many restaurant owners choose only the option of online orders. Many have put the sign-boards in front mentioning no dine-in facilities. Says Sampath Tummala of Spicy Venue, Jubilee Hills, “We are not going to open dine-in services anytime soon.

As of now, it’s takeaway only. People look at our digital menu available at our website, place the order, and drive  to collect the same as many still aren’t confident about parcels delivered through app services.” As for the food many order their signature dishes like Boneless Chicken Biryani and Apricot Delight along with non-veg Andhra dishes. Some of the restaurants are allowing partial dine-ins with very few guests. Shares Suma Reddy owner of Haiku restaurant, Banjara Hills, “We began our operations from the time lockdown restrictions were eased. We are not allowing any large gathering at our premises, just a few guests on some days.

We are receiving orders for lunch meals with all the courses which means people are really enjoying their food on cool afternoons while taking a break from their project work.” Haiku is receiving orders for dim sum, soups, and sushi. Sometimes they even get requests for adding an extra dash of bird’s eye chilli to the dish they have placed an order for.  Some of the restaurateurs have decided not to resume the services before July end. Says chef Swarendu of Aromas, Medchal Road, “We have decided to first see if people actually want to come for the fine-dine experience or not.

When we resume the operations it will be dine-in and takeaways both.” Some restaurants are going to function fully after the month of August. Says Swarna Kumar of Green Park Hotel, Begumpet, “As of now there are only takeaways. On specific days only our restaurants Marigold and Mekong are offering the dine-in experience.” Other than that the chefs are trying to offer the guests a healthy package full of Vitamin C and proteins, essential for an immunity boost. Says chef Inam Khan owner of Kingdom Of BBQ, Banjara Hills, “It’s mostly steaks, kebabs, roasts and barbecued wings that guests order. And we cook the meat slowly for long hours so that it’s properly cooked according to the required standards,” he adds. 

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