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There’s also the fact that, over the past few months, as people have spent more and more time in their homes, baked goods have risen to new social media prominence. At the height of nationwide coronavirus quarantines, baking banana bread quickly became shorthand for the old-fashioned, purposely time-consuming pursuits of a nation suddenly trapped indoors. Baking as a way of relieving stress became a popular concept, as we quickly delved into sourdough, then lemon-turmeric cake, then something aptly called “aggression cookies.” And, perhaps because we’re all amateur chefs now and perhaps because we just need something to talk about that isn’t impending societal doom, we’ve also been a lot more plugged into food world dramas, like the one involving Alison Roman — once dubbed the “prom queen of the pandemic,” and the originator of the aforementioned lemon-turmeric cake — dissing Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo in an interview. And then there’s the new story about Instagram-favorite L.A. restaurant Sqirl allegedly having mold-filled jam buckets in a “secret kitchen.” Looking at this timeline, it makes sense that, sooner or later, cakes shaped like pickles and bags of Doritos would make their way onto the docket. Or perhaps the Instagram algorithm, sensing our hunger both literal and figurative for something sweet, surfaced these cake videos on all of our Discover pages at once. 

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