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Can an onion just be an onion anymore? Not in 2020 it can’t.

This year has done so much damage to our collective psyches that simply nothing can be trusted anymore, not even cake. A resurgence in the things-that-aren’t-cake-are-actually-cake trend is melting our brains again all over social media. Inanimate objects, vegetables, even pub meals are all being revealed to be hyper-realistic cakes with the hashtag #EverythingIsCake. 

Soap, water, your dog, maybe even you could be cake.

Toilet paper rolls became the most popular cake-not-cake trend of the pandemic, in a tribute to those of us who panic-bought them by the truckload at the start of lockdown.

American baker Natalie Sideserf’s creations have been some of the most shared on the hashtag, including her pickle cake, egg McMuffin cake and even a cake version of K-Pop star Jimin from the band BTS.

British baker Ben Cullen has also gained thousands of social media fans with videos of his creations, including chicken breasts, a bottle of Coke and a glass of water.

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The trend has sent the Twitterverse into a fondant-covered spin as people react to seeing onions, bottles of detergent and crocs get sliced into cream-filled sponge cakes.

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Just patiently waiting here for a cake version of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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