Brown Street restaurant to close today after 11-month run –

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However, the catering side of his business is picking up, so plans call for “converting the Brown Street space so we can utilize it as a catering kitchen,” at least as long as it is under lease, Riddle said.

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“We will be able to utilize that space to support our catering efforts, and ease the burden on our other restaurants,” Riddle said.

No one will lose his or her job, however.

“We have talked with every member of our team there, and will be moving them to other Lee’s Famous Recipe locations nearby. We won’t put anyone out of work as a result of closing the restaurant,” Riddle said.

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Riddle said he and his team have not given up on the “Tenders & Dips” concept.

“We haven’t discussed the thought of trying it again somewhere else. It is possible,” he said. “We like the concept. The pandemic makes it hard to make long-term plans. There is so much uncertainty about the future.”

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