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BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Restaurants and bars in the Southern Tier aren’t unfamiliar with changes that have been frequent the last few months.

The most recent is a regulation from Governor Andrew Cuomo mandating that all bars and restaurants in New York State only serve alcohol to those ordering food.

For the Old Union Hotel in Binghamton, the mandate doesn’t have a big impact, but owner Adam Kipp is worried about his fellow businesses.

“We’re fortunate enough where that most people who come here get something to eat anyway,” he said. “It kind of makes it tough for the places who are more bars than restaurants.”

From limiting the number of people in the restaurant, to social distancing efforts and requiring masks to be worn, Kipp voiced frustration.

“I feel like a lot of the bars and restaurants are being held to much higher standards than most other industries,” he said.

However, safety measures aren’t something Kipp takes lightly.

“We’re gonna abide by the rules,” Kipp said. “Our customers’ safety, our community’s safety, and my staff’s safety have always been a top priority here.”

Some restaurants have started selling cheap items as a way to get around the mandate, such as a bar in Saratoga Springs selling “Cuomo Chips.”

As for the Old Union, Kipp said the cooks are getting a menu prepared.

“We’re gonna be coming up with a small bites menu that we can serve late night. It’be a little bit more than just chips,” he laughed.

While a new regulation means more changes, Kipp is all for it if it means customers can keep on coming back.

“It was really tough not seeing everybody for a long time, and as they start coming back, it was really great just seeing everybody that we’ve missed,” he said.

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