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Restaurant News

There is much to get your teeth into in this issue. As the hospitality industry meets the challenge of getting back on its feet, Tony Naylor examines how restaurants are likely to function in a new, socially distanced world. We take a look at how business will step up to the challenge.

We are thrilled to have novelist Shahnaz Ahsan writing for us this month, telling us how her supper clubs were inspired by tales of her family’s Bengali restaurant in Manchester. Her grandfather, who had no greater passions than politics and food, probably spent more money feeding his staff than he earned in profits. But his love of food helped to ignite the interest that led Shahnaz to run Bengali cooking courses and food stalls at a London market.

We also have a dazzling set of Burmese recipes for you from the Rangoon Sisters, including an aromatic fish soup with chana dal crackers and a stuffed aubergine curry with dried shrimps. And there’s roast peppers with lentils, a herb-marinated lamb roast and apricot ice-cream recipes from me.

Rachel Cooke shares her memories of seaside holidays and the foods that came along for the ride. It is a long time since I packed a lunchbox with sandwiches and cake but now I long to. There would be proper fruit cake, because it simply isn’t a day trip without it, and a caramel wafer too. But this journey would be special. After a hundred days indoors, a train ride with my lunchbox in my duffel bag would be a treat beyond measure.

During lockdown even the most ardent restaurant-goers have been cooking at home. Jay Rayner tells us how he discovered the quiet joy of podding beans, slicing spring onions and peeling garlic. Plus, Andi Oliver tells us about her life on a plate.

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