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When I read the July 16 news article “Virginia adopts nation’s first coronavirus-related workplace safety rules,”  I was enjoying my breakfast on the patio of a favorite local restaurant on a delightful morning.

I was dismayed to see a photograph showing a restaurant worker wearing a mask while serving two diners who were not wearing masks, despite proximity to one another.

Good courtesy to our fellow human beings and smart health guidelines would call for everyone to be wearing a mask when any restaurant server is doing his or her job, just as one would be required to do when entering and exiting the restaurant.

It’s easy enough to take a mask off to enjoy your food and drink once restaurant workers have moved on to their next guests or tasks.

Nothing short of this level of support for and respect of each other is required to help ensure we all have stacked the odds in our collective favor to stay healthy and reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This will allow restaurants and other service businesses that have been closed to reopen safely and gain the public’s confidence in patronizing them as they can see and experience how well reopening is taking place.

Together, this represents the tiniest but important next step toward normalcy in our lives, one that will assist small businesses and the economy as a whole to gain a small foothold toward recovery.

Bob Henig, Columbia

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