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imageHighlightsA father made it clear that he wanted cash for his birthdayHis family decided to hide a wad of cash inside his birthday cakeThe viral video of his reaction is winning the internetBirthdays are special occasions that are celebrated with loved ones, and there are a number of things that make the day what it is. A delicious birthday cake, scrumptious snacks and our near and dear ones showering gifts on us are some of the things that make for a good birthday celebration. When it comes to gifts, some people may be confused about what they want and some others are very clear about their tastes and preferences. A father was quite clear about wanting cash for his birthday gift, and his family gave it to him in the most unique way possible. Check it out:My dads birthday is today. Each birthday he wants the same thing. Cash. Each birthday my sister and mom find a different way to surprise him with it.— Toe Knee (@toekneerlynos) July 27, 2020(Also Read: Microsoft Excel’s New ‘Cake Layout’ Has Got Twitterati Drooling. Seen It Yet?)The family hid a whole wad of cash inside the father’s birthday cake! As soon as he removed the top layer of the cake, there was an entire roll of neatly stacked notes rolled into a thick bunch that came out of it. The expression on the father’s face on seeing the notes was priceless. He danced a little jig out of happiness and commented on the cake made by his family, “I knew you all wouldn’t disappoint me!”The video uploaded by Twitter user @toekneerlynos has gone viral on the social media. People loved the ecstatic dad and the effort that his family put in to make him happy. The video has currently clocked in over 525k views and counting. Nearly 11k comments and 52k likes have been received by the video. Take a look at how users reacted to the video:Giving cash as a birthday gift : boring
Hiding cash in a birthday cake : amazing— Raptor Jaune (@RaptorJaune) July 28, 2020Awwww so cute???????????? lol he so happy— Melaninian Gawdis♡ (@layd_lady) July 28, 2020Finally some cake content I can support— Trash (@WomensBusinesss) July 27, 2020That’s a very pretty cake btw— Mr. Barkley ???? (@Ultra_Marx) July 27, 2020(Also Read: Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner To Remove Extra Pepper From Egg – See What Happens Next)What do you think of this unique idea of putting cash into a cake? Tell us in the comments below! Comments

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