Man finds a wad of cash in his cake, netizens want the same for their birthday [WATCH] – Times Now

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Man with cash from cake.

The man’s face when he saw the cash in the cake was priceless. &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

Almost every birthday is made even better with a surprise element attached to it. We have across many such instances. However, imagine finding cash in your cake. That might be the most innovative yet best surprise ever!

This happened with a man when his daughter surprised him on his birthday. A user named ‘Toe Knee’ posted the priceless video on Twitter. 

Every year, he asks only one gift which is cash. He is always surprised by the way he receives the very present.

The video starts with him looking at the cake.  His daughter told him to pick up the decoration put on the top layer. What feels like a magician’s sleeve, as soon as he pulls it up, a wad of cash follows and it keeps on coming.

It was posted on the microblogging site with the caption, “My dad’s birthday is today. Each birthday he wants the same thing. Cash. Each birthday, my sister and mom find a different way to surprise him with.”

The reaction on his face was a picture-perfect moment waiting to be captured! With the money in his hand, he started to dance around.

“I knew y’all won’t fail me,” he joyfully said.

As soon as it was posted, the video started to spread like wildfire. On Twitter alone, it got 5,25,800 views with 10,800 retweets and 51,800 likes.

Netizens loved the infectious joy on his face when he saw the wad of cash. Mostly, they enjoyed the little happy dance he did towards the end.

“So nobody will explain how they got the money on the cake.  I wanna know,” one user asked the question several netizens wanted an answer of.

Some even wanted this very birthday cake. One cannot blame them. A ‘cake ATM’ could be a perfect surprise for anyone and everyone.


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