Vegan, Gender-Free And Ageless At Amorepacific –

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Amorepacific has launched a new vegan-friendly lifestyle brand called Enough Project. The beauty giant contends this new brand is pragmatic, practical and tailored to those “who live life by their own rules and know that that’s enough.” 
The range is vegan-friendly, involves no animal testing, contains no animal ingredients and “avoids unnecessary preservatives,” according to the South Korean-based beauty company. The line is also designed to be suitable for all genders and ages.
Enough Project’s Amazon store opened on Aug. 17, according to Amorepacific, which was ranked No. 9 in Happi’s International Top 30 Report, and sells brands such as Iope, Laniege, Sulwhasoo and InnisFree.  
The line includes  Moisture Cream—a functional moisturizing cream, which utilizes the three-phased moisturizing effect of Beta-Hyaluronic Acid, while being complemented by the powerful antioxidant effect of bakuchiol;  Cleansing Foam that features a blend of mint extract and cacao butter; Essential Skin Toner; Essential Lotion; and Mint Chocolate Cleansing Oil, billed as a mixture of coconut oil, mentha arvensis and cacao that completely removes makeup and oil the first time.

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