This viral cake-themed Twitter account is too bizarre – Mashed

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Despite the subjective nature of determining cake threats, we nevertheless took it upon ourselves to pick out our own top six candidates for the most dubious cake. Coming in at number six are these Dad Head Cakes, mostly because it’s evident that some grocery chain thought it was a good idea to produce and market these. (And imagine the lucky dads who got to cut into them on Father’s Day!) At number five is this icky hot dog cake, a seeming homage to disgusting retro food trends of years (thankfully) gone by, made even more threatening by its aggressively weiner-ish aspect. Number four represents the unwanted return of 2007 trend Rickrolling, only in a sugary, pun-filled format: “Never going to run around and ‘dessert’ you,” indeed!

At number three we either have televangelist Elmo praising the Muppet god (the late Jim Henson, one presumes) or else drowning Elmo going down for a third time. Number two sees us apparently being mooned by Shrek. Our first-place winner is… who knows what (the Cookie Monster?), but it appears to be some kind of scary blue blob vomiting up… pickles? Ritz crackers? Maybe cookies, but still, gross.

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