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Yumlane has introduced Yumlane Pizza League (YPL), with eight thematized pizzas representing each T20 team. With India rooting for the cricket festivities to begin, Yumlane’s YPL aims to amalgamate the sportsmen spirit with the lip-smacking all-time favourite cricket snack, pizzas. With each pizza representing the vibe of each team, the league will engage with its consumers through virtual competitions and gratification.

Yumlane has launched the campaign with an aim to build India’s Own Pizza, where consumers can experience the immersive magic of cricket by rooting for their favourite teams and their respective pizzas. The range includes Delhi Tikka Capitals, Butter Chicken Punjab Pizza, Chennai Peri Peri Kings, Keema Risers Hyderabad, Royal Chicken Sausages Bangalore, Kolkata BBQ Riders, Mumbai Veggie Indians and RR Corn Delight.

Hitesh Ahuja, CEO & Co-Founder of Yumlane said, “Food has always been at the heart of sports entertainment – from hotdogs, sandwiches to popcorn. We aim to offer the same sentiment through cricket, which is considered no less than a religion in India.”

“Yumlane is known for its single-serve, indulgent offerings and this recent addition will top the list of favourites. The pandemic has been tough on all of us and this is our way of bringing joy during a time when we are all indoors.” he added.

Due to the physical limitations of COVID-19 and the evolving nature of consumer experiences, Yumlane plans to amplify the campaign through interactive influencer engagements and daily contests. Yumlane will also share Pizza Stats and Pizza Highlights like match stats on their social media platforms to get consumers hooked to a more immersive campaign experience. Pizza stats will illustrate toppings are their players and the demand of each topping as the score and much more. Yumlane‘s enthusiasm for the upcoming cricket season is palpable. The brand has also launched a brand new range of dedicated packaging and visual branding. 

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