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imageHighlightsStore-bought salsa dip can often be too wateryA Reddit user shared an easy hack to use the excess waterA simple flavourful bowl of Mexican rice can be made with itGone are the days when we would actually bring out our mortar and pestle to grind ingredients to make chutneys and dips. There are a number of readymade dips available in the market today, paired practically anything that you want to eat. These store-bought dips are often not of the desired consistency, often being more diluted or thicker than is required. A Reddit user shared an easy hack that can make use of the extra water in store-bought salsa dip. Take a look at the post here:If I think a salsa is too watery, I will strain some of the liquid out. Then I use that liquid to cook rice. Easy Mexican rice. from r/foodhacks(Also Read: Local Bakery Puts Wrong Text On Wedding Cake, Leaves Internet In Splits!)Reddit user posted this hack on the discussion thread r/foodhacks, which has a following of 1.6 million. Users regularly share quick and simple tips from their own kitchens that they have devised using personal experience. This particular Reddit post went viral and received 6.3k upvotes and counting on Reddit since the time it was shared. According to the user, if your salsa dip is too watery, there’s an easy way to use it in cooking. All you have to do is simply strain the extra liquid out. This gives you the desired consistency of the salsa dip.What’s more – the watery salsa liquid can be brought into use in another form. You can make a delicious and easy Mexican rice with it. Mexican rice traditionally uses tomato puree in its recipe, but the use of leftover salsa dip can be the perfect food hack to make it. The burst of tangy flavours will blend perfectly well with a plain simple boiled rice. Further, you can add vegetables such as peppers, corn, tomatoes or onions to make the rice preparation even more scrumptious. For the full Mexican rice recipe, click here. So, the next time you buy salsa dip which turns out too watery – use this simple food hack and whip up some delicious Mexican tomato rice with it. Do you have a similar hack that you use in your kitchen? Tell us in the comments below! Comments

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