How you are probably shortening the lifespan of common foods – Times of India

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Food is one of the basic requirements that each of us needs to survive. It gives us an adequate amount of nutrition and energy to sustain. Without food, it is impossible to live for more than a few days or perform the mental or physical activities that we do on a daily basis. Along with consuming food for survival, it is very important to keep a check on what we eat. It should be nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals, and most importantly—fresh. Food that is not fresh or stale is unhealthy and leads to many health problems. Even though we take all necessary precautions to keep our food and ingredients fresh, sometimes we fail to ensure the same. There are many common habits and practices we follow that reduce the lifespan of our food. Here is a look at 7 common practices that shorten the lifespan of common foods.

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