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HighlightsWorld Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year on 1st OctoberIndian cuisine is brimming with delicious vegetarian dishesHere are 11 Indian vegetarian dishes that you can cook in 30 minutesWorld Vegetarian Day 2020: For anyone who loves to cook but are pressed with time, quick and easy recipes are a saviour. And if you are a fan of Indian cuisine, it seems like a distant dream to even think of having a quick meal, given how elaborate Indian dishes can be. But we have got some of the most amazing desi vegetarian recipes that you can try at home. For times when you are rushing to work and need a quick lunch or have unexpected guests at home and need to toss a quick snack, these 11 Indian vegetarian recipes that can be made in 30 minutes will definitely come handy!On this World Vegetarian Day 2020, it’s the best time to make some of the most delicious vegetarian dishes that the Indian cuisine has to offer.World Vegetarian Day 2020: Here Are 11 Desi Vegetarian Recipes To Try Under 30 Minutes:(Also Read: 13 Best Indian Vegetable Recipes)1. Butter PaneerWho doesn’t love a dish full with soft paneer chunks bathed in delicious tomato-onion gravy and laced with butter, milk and cashew nut paste? This quick butter paneer recipe is a soul-satisfying dish with a melange of all that and more! Find the full recipe here.lmtmd5j2. Basanti PulaoAlso known as Meethe Chawal, this quick and easy rice dish is a lavish dish prepared across India on Basant Panchami. Not just that, it is also a comfort dish that one can relish anytime at home. With the goodness of raisins and cashew nuts, Basanti pulao is a rich and wholesome dish that you cannot resist. Find the full recipe here.dj1fthfo3. Southern Style BhindiFull with the aromatic southern flavours, this bhindi dish makes for a perfect quick and easy lunch option. Fried okra sautéed with coconut, chillies, mustard seeds and more, pair it with chapatis for a flavourful meal. Find the full recipe here.kf2eetug4. Aloo Tamatar Ka JholIf you are also someone who can’t do without the humble aloo, this easy aloo jhol recipe would make you fall for the root vegetable even more! Simple yet satisfying, this recipe has marinated aloo along with paneer tossed in rich tomato gravy. Find the full recipe here.q39k5kog5. Matar PulaoIncredibly easy and quick, matar pulao is a popular rice dish that has mushy peas tossed with flavourful spices and rice. A perfect dish to spruce up your lunch table, you can top matar pulao with pickles, chutneys or curd. Find the full recipe here.ua5k1h9o6. Dahi AlooA quick, easy and absolutely delicious aloo recipe, dahi aloo has potatoes cooked in a pool of spices and mixed with curd, lending a refreshing touch to the dish. Pair it with piping hot puris! Find the recipe here.ogjghkh7. Kulle Ki ChaatIt can’t get any ore desi than a mouth-watering serving of chaat! From the streets of Old Delhi, kulle ki chaat is a tantalising street food that you just won’t be able to resist. Kulle’ literally translates to cups that are scooped out of fruits or boiled potatoes, and is presented with a stuffing of chickpeas, spice, lemon and fruits. Find the recipe here.i1lp0c28. Veg PakodaWe never need a reason to gorge on crispy pakodas, do we? All you need is a couple of crunchy veggies mixed with besan into a batter along with a couple of spices and deep-fried to crispy, piping hot pakodas. Find the recipe of vegetable pakoda here.drj0gku89. Kanda BhajiA perfect one when craving something spicy and quick, kanda bhaji or onion pakodas are ideal for the rainy season and also when you have unexpected guests to cater at home. Pair with a zesty mint chutney and you’re all set. Find the recipe here.hshos7q810. UttapamA dosa-like dish, uttapam is a quintessential breakfast/snack dish from the south Indian cuisine made with a mixture of rice, dhuli urad dal, subtle spices and fenugreek seeds. Once it’s on your plate, it will finish in a matter of seconds. Find the recipe here.762n6o9811. Khatti Meethi DalGive your traditional dal a spin with tamarind pulp, pav bhaji masala and a spicy tadka that will instantly amp up a regular yellow dal. Find the recipe here.bl3ioh3oTry these quick and easy desi vegetarian dishes at home and share your experiences in the comments section below. Happy World Vegetarian Day 2020! Comments

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