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  • In March, I interviewed Martha Stewart, who told me that she loves making her one-pan pasta when she only has 20 minutes to cook. 
  • Stewart’s dish barely takes five minutes of prep, and leaves almost zero mess. 
  • The recipe was so easy to make, I actually felt relaxed in the kitchen. 
  • Stewart’s one-pan pasta is very light and simple, but I’d definitely make it again with a few changes to amp up the flavor. 
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We’ve all been craving easy comfort food over these last few months, and nothing has been more soothing to me than a big bowl of pasta. 

I’ve learned how to make everything from Gordon Ramsay’s tagliatelle bolognese to Ina Garten’s five-cheese penne, and they’ve all been delicious. 

But I recently recalled a recipe that Martha Stewart had told me about during our interview back in March: a pasta dish that could be cooked in just one pan, with 20 minutes on the clock.

With a severe case of kitchen fatigue — and a lot of intrigue — I decided to see if Stewart’s one-pan pasta dish would be the new recipe of my dreams.

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