Reduce food loss or risk drop in food security: UN agencies – National Herald

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When it comes to the environmental impact, food loss and waste generate eight per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, said the UN agencies.

Food loss occurs from farm up to and excluding retail, whilst food waste occurs at retail, food service and household level. Causes range from poor handling, inadequate transport or storage, lack of cold chain capacity, extreme weather conditions to cosmetic standards, and a lack of planning and cooking skills among consumers.

Simply put, reducing food lost or wasted means more food for all, less greenhouse gas emissions, less pressure on the environment, and increased productivity and economic growth. Innovation, technologies and behavioural change — key to reducing food loss and waste, said the agencies.

“Food loss and waste is a big challenge of our time,” said FAO Director-General QU Dongyu, urging for stronger partnerships, more public and private investments in training for smallholder farmers, technology and innovation to step up the fight against food loss and waste as “our planet is a small boat in the universe”.

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