You can gift a meal while eating out in Bengaluru restaurants: Here’s how – The News Minute

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A Bengaluru restaurants’ collective has initiated a system where, starting from October 2, patrons can gift meals to those unemployed in the pandemic.

While restaurants are struggling to bring business back to normal after facing many difficulties during the lockdown, a collective of Bengaluru restaurants has started an initiative to encourage providing help to those who most need it. The Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association (BBHA) will encourage its patrons to buy coupons which will pay for meals and beverages for homeless and economically disadvantaged people, especially those left without an income during the pandemic. To start with, 35 restaurants and budget eateries are a part of this project. Soon, the concept is likely to be replicated in more than 300 member restaurants in Bengaluru. The programme will start on Friday on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

PC Rao, president of the BBHA, said, “This concept is already there in the West. Now with many people losing their jobs or getting their pay cuts, we thought we should also start this initiative where some people, including students, can be helped. Rotary South Bengaluru will be partnering with us in this initiative. There will be two types of coupons for now—one for tea or coffee and one for lunch.” 

He added, “Different restaurants will have differently-priced lunch boxes but for this first phase most of them will be under Rs 100. People can buy these tokens and give it to people themselves or they can drop it in a designated box from where people who need to avail the service can ask for the coupons. All the restaurants who are part of this programme will have boards outside and inside their premises so all can know about this.” 

Some of the restaurants which are taking part in the initiative are Kamat Hotel, Nandhana Palace, Halli Mane, Paathshala, Nisarga Hotel, Vidyaarthi Bhavan and Udupi Krishna Bhavan among others.

The BBHA said that they will run this programme for two months and decide on whether to continue based on its success and people’s feedback.

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