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Biryani is one of the most popular dishes Indian cuisine has to offer. And it is also one of those dishes netizens can’t stand being tampered with. Probably, that is the reason a video showing an unusual recipe for this dish has now created a buzz on Twitter.

The clip of the recipe was shared on the micro-blogging site by a South Africa based website called food24.com. The video shows the dish being prepared using lentils or dal along with chopped up veggies and chicken. This, what many may say is outlandish, version of the recipe has now irked many.

Take a look at the clip first:

Shared on September 30, the clip has garnered close to 70,000 views and tons of comments. Here’s what people had to say:

After facing online flak, the website issued an apology through a tweet on October 1. “We’ve heard you. We got it wrong, and we’re sorry. We will remove the video and would like to make a #BiryaniTogether — to all recipe developers and chefs who would like to work with us on a traditional recipe, please make contact with us and let’s do it together,” they wrote in the post.

The website also changed the name of the dish to ‘Spicy chicken and rice casserole’ and deleted the clip from all their online platforms except Twitter. People readily accepted the apology and even shared some tips to make the perfect biryani.

What do you think of this incident?

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