Woman takes a bite out of ‘chocolate’ cake, realises it is something else. Her reaction is hilarious – Hindustan Times

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If the situation ‘instant face of regret’ had a face it would be of this women who thought she was taking a bite out of a chocolate cake but instead it turned out to be something entirely different. The incident was captured on camera and now a video of the event has piqued people’s interest. It is also making many laugh out loud.

Shared on Reddit, the video shows a woman taking a bite out of a piece of the cake that looks like it is made of chocolate. Almost instantly, she makes a face which shows how much she regrets her decision of eating it.

The caption shared with the video adds context to the tale. “The ol’ coffee ground chocolate cake prank. Classic,” it reads. Turns out what she thought was a piece of a delicious chocolate cake was actually made of coffee grounds.

Take a look at the video:

Since being shared on October 1, the video has gathered tons of responses from people. While some wanted more clarity about the situation, others wrote that the video made them giggle.

“The clenched fist at the end has me rolling,” wrote a Redditor. “The boys and I cut a piece of fat into the shape of a piece of cheesecake once, very similar result,” wrote another sharing a story about a food prank they pulled.

“What happened?” asked a third. To which, the original posted replied, “Chef made a cake with coffee grounds that LOOKS like chocolate cake.”

Another individual reminisced about the pranks they have pulled. “Such good times. I once made a stick of butter into a cheesecake slice with Italian bread crumbs as the crust. Another favourite was the ‘towelzone’, a calzone with a kitchen towel baked into it,” they wrote. “

“Oh my god, the look of being betrayed has always made me laugh,” shared another.

Have you ever faced such a situation shown in the video?

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