Despite canceled Balloon Fiesta, Nob Hill bakery keeps the spirit of fiesta alive – KOB

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“I had no clue about Balloon Fiesta prior to coming here and what’s crazy, we got here 19 years ago October 1st, so when we got here, Balloon Fiesta was just starting up and that’s when we were driving around and seeing all this balloons and different things going on and kept asking people what is going on in town, and that’s when we found out about Balloon Fiesta,” she said.

Like other businesses, Meyers said the bakery will be missing out on revenue from this year’s Fiesta.

“I was kind of bummed out, but at the same time, I think it’s—not just with Balloon Fiesta—in general, it’s allowed us to be creative and come up with ways to still keep our customers and let them know we appreciate them and do things a little bit differently,” Meyers said.

One thing Meyers plans on doing is stocking up on some fan favorites.

“This year, we’re definitely going to have our amazing brownies because people love those, our hot air balloon chocolate covered Oreos,” she said.

Meyers said the Fiesta gives the bakery the chance to show off.

“Because it’s such a huge event and people come from all over, we get customers from all over,” she said. “And there were still so many people who didn’t know we exist because one of the things we would put up is our banner that lets people know we are locally-owned, veteran-owned, minority-owned, we’re woman owned—people were drawn to that because a lot of vendors aren’t actually local,” she said.

Meyers said she’ll definitely miss the balloons this year but is hopeful that next year will be bigger and better.

“I think because we missed it this year and so many people missed, they’re going to take the time to plan and to put in the effort to come and I think God is going to bless us and give us good weather too so it’ll probably be one of the best Balloon Fiesta’s ever,” she said.


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