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imageHighlightsMira Kapoor is a self-confessed foodie and loves to cookHer daughter Misha seems to have taken interest in cooking as wellMisha baked a yummy-looking chocolate cake recentlyMira Kapoor has been storming the internet with her food shenanigans ever since the lockdown began. From her mid-day cravings to a full-blown DIY shawarma night with the family, Mira’s Instagram stories are proof of that. The mother of two loves to try new dishes and experiment with different cuisines, and she often takes help from her kids too. And seems like daughter Misha is influenced by Mommy’s love for food and has started to storm the kitchen already! Going by Mira’s latest Instagram post, Misha has started to take a keen interest in cooking. After helping her mother put together salads, Misha baked a yummy-looking chocolate cake on her own!Don’t believe us? Have a look at Mira’s Instagram post below!(Also Read: Misha And Zain Kapoor Help Mommy Mira Kapoor Make This Healthy Lunch)Misha, who recently turned 4, not only baked the cake but also did the wonderful chocolate frosting along with colourful sprinkles and stars. She even clicked this perfect picture, just like her mother does with all her kitchen experiments, and ate all of it too! “Baked, iced, clicked and eaten by Missy. I think she’s watching me a bit too keenly and I better be careful #copycat #goodolchocolatecake P.S Spot the finger-licks!” Mira wrote in her caption.Seems like the daughter following the footsteps of her mother, who loves everything from sinful chocolate treats to all things fresh and clean. Mira recently also shared pictures from Misha’s fourth birthday celebration which was a Peppa Pig- themed party with all the classic snacks such as wafers, sandwiches and noodles.Here’s looking out for more of such mother-daughter kitchen stories. On that note, who do you think are those finger-licks by on Misha’s cake? Comments

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