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By now, almost every food blog, writer, nutritionist, chef has offered their two bits of advice on consuming immunity boosting foods in this Covid climate. So it wasn’t a surprise when Edesia announced an immunity menu. That a majority of the drinks, soups, starters, main course and desserts on it include ginger and turmeric didn’t raise eyebrows either.

But the contents of the menu, the mix of cuisines – South Indian to Italian – piqued our interest. But in the F&B industry, the trend of immunity food was born under the terms Wellness/ Healthy menu around early Y2K, when the West started noticing cuisines from the Asia continent, says Sumit Sinha, Director F&B of Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi. So he just had to revisit an old trend while drawing up this menu.

We sampled a few preparations (generous portions, and delivered in wellsealed paper containers) and picked three favourites. Pessarattu (green gram pancake with ginger chutney) was a clear winner, not for the pancake that originates in Andhra Pradesh, where the green gram has to be grounded freshly into a paste and immediately made into this ‘dosa’.

But for the deadly ginger chutney (with curry leaves, jaggery, green chilly) that accompanies it, which literally is a burst flavours – tangy, sour, sweet – is a surprise with every morsel. “I replaced the original chutney with the ginger chutney that is had with sannas in Mangalore. It very high on antioxidants.” Turmeric Sauté Vegetables, worked for blanketing fresh carrots, broccoli and other veggies with the flavour of turmeric. The warm Almond & Ginger Soup is white and borderline bland, but certainly a comfort food.

At: Edesia (1st floor), Crowne Plaza New Delhi Okhla
Price for two (immunity menu): Rs 600

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