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HighlightsPasta is a delight anytime of the dayPasta can be prepared in a number of waysYou can also make it much fasterWe love pasta and basically everything about it. It is that one Italian dish that we can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner and never get bored. We have to agree though, that we do have a soft corner for freshly made pasta – the only problem is the cooking part. Yes, we know, pasta is possibly one of the easiest things to make on earth. Boil pasta, cook the sauce, combine the two and you are done. But don’t you just hate all the time it takes to simply boil the pasta, and let us not forget instances of over-boiling. How awful, right? If only there was a way to end up with perfectly done pasta in the shortest span of time. What if we tell you that there is indeed a way in which you could cook your pasta much faster than you usually do?  (Also Read: 11 Easy Pasta Recipes | Popular Pasta Recipes)Cooking Hack To Make Pasta Cook Faster1. The utensil you use also determines the time your pasta is going to take to boil. If you use a larger pot, your pasta would be boiled much faster as opposed to boiling it in a smaller vessel. So make sure you give your pasta enough space to come to a boil quickly.  2. Instead of boiling pasta in a sauce pan, you could use the frying pan. It is said that water boils much faster in a frying pan, which decreases the pasta -making time by a significant margin.  g3o5hlhPasta can be of many kinds3. Another thing you could do is add some salt to the water while boiling your pasta. While you are at it, you can also add a tinge of oil to the water. It may or may not make past boil faster, but it definitely prevent them sticking to each other and make it fit for consumption even after a long time.(Also Read: How To Make The Perfect Pasta; 7 Expert Tips)So, try cooking your pasta this way and let us know how you liked our trick. Here’s a recipe of penne arrabiata to start with.
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