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“There are a few ways to impart flavor,” Lloyd explained. So when she’s dreaming up new flavors for the famous recipe, she thinks of it in parts: the pudding, the cookies, and the mix-ins. “When you’re making the pudding base itself you can switch up the liquid. The pudding base we use is water and sweetened condensed milk, but if you change that water to dark coffee, you’ve got java or if you change it to dulce de leche, you’ve got a caramel flavored base.”

Then, think about the cookies. Magnolia Bakery sells chocolate banana pudding year round that swaps Nilla wafer cookies for Oreos, but you could also go with gingersnaps or any other cookie that’s dry and hard so it can soak in all the flavors, Lloyd said. The shop also started introducing cake to the banana pudding layers, so you could go that route too.

Finally, you can make the basic recipe and simply add mix-ins. “With mix-ins alone you have a million options,” she said, and one of her favorites is a simple peanut butter banana pudding with melted peanut butter swirled in each layer. As a huge fan of varying texture, she also suggested adding things like candy pieces, toasted coconut, chocolate covered pretzels, or any other snack you like that has a nice crunch.

“It’s the one dessert that everyone can make,” Lloyd said, so there’s no excuse not to dive into the classic recipe or personalize it with your favorite flavors.

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