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Restaurant asks it customers to wear a mask for making an order.

Restaurant asks it customers to wear a mask for making an order. &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

It is going to be a year since the city of Wuhan was plagued by the novel coronavirus. After months of lockdown in several countries around the world, the restrictions are being relaxed and lives are embracing the new normal in a slow and steady manner.

Masks and social distancing have become the part and parcel of our life now. It is absolutely imperative to not only wear the former but to follow all the rules and maintain the latter.

However, not everybody is taking the pandemic and its consequences seriously. With public places opening up, everyone is availing the services it has to offer without keeping in mind that while being careless, they are putting others’ lives at stake too.

Therefore, places like restaurants and cafes have now come up with innovative posters as well as ways to make sure everybody follows the necessary rules and regulations.

One such poster has gone viral. It was posted by the Emmy nominated TV journalist named Louis Aguirre.

The name of the place unknown, it is a seafood restaurant where a poster is put about wearing a mask while giving their order.

“MASK REQUIRED FOR SERVICE. Do not pout. Do not whine. Do not argue. Do not harass the employees. Do not spout conspiracy theories or regurgitate information that you got from your dumb uncle on Facebook. This isn’t political; it is basic health and safety. Do not choose to be the reason the rest of the world is laughing at us,” the poster says.

Take a look.

It also asked the customers to bring the masks if they ‘forgot’ in the car as well as to stop saying that the pandemic is nothing but a ‘hoax’.

In the most scathing way possible, this poster just asked everyone to behave themselves and wear a mask for everybody’s safety.

Aguirre’s tweet went viral as it received over 1 lakh retweets and 3200 likes. Netizens loved the poster as well.

Some of them also posted more of such posters that have asked the customers to follow the rule at all costs.

Along with that, they commended the restaurant’s owner for coming up with this sign. “Best sign of our times,” one user commented. Another one called the poster, “absolutely brilliant.”

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