Noida’s latest attraction: It’s a plane, it’s a restaurant… It’s a planestaurant! – Hindustan Times

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Bored of regular cafes and restaurants? Come December, the Great India Place (GIP) Mall will soon have another attraction — aeroplane turned into a restaurant. And yes, they will issue tickets too.

The mall now has the fuselage of the aeroplane on its premises and is refitting its interiors to turn it into a restaurant.

Bhaskar Joshi, general manager (operations) of Entertainment City Pvt Ltd that owns the mall, said that many people have not taken to flights since the lockdown. “There are a number of people who crave for in-flight lunch and dinner. We explored this option and made a contract with an aeronautical company – Dixit Aeronautics – to run an in-flight restaurant at the GIP mall,” he said.

Dixit Aeronautics placed an Boeing 737-200between the mall and the Garden’s Galleria. Rakesh Dixit, director of Dixit Aeronautics, said, “Five years ago we had started a similar restaurant in Ludhiana, and one near Rohini metro station in Delhi. We got good a response and hence we planned this project in Noida.”

Dixit said that the in-flight restaurant will offer an experience similar to the one in an aeroplane. “This is a complete aeroplane with engine and cockpit and the aisle. We will redesign the seating arrangements. We will also place some music system inside. Around 60 to 70 people can sit and dine at a time,” he said. Waiters will sport air hostess and flight steward uniforms to complete the in-flight environment.

Dixit said that the project– Aerorestro Entertainment– is also modelled as edutainment (education + entertainment). “There are a significant number of people, and children, who have never travelled in an aeroplane. They would want to feel the experience. We have planned to issue tickets at nominal prices and offer them to have a look,” he said. If people want to have food onboard, additional charges will be applied. The officials are designing the project considering the social distancing norms after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dixit said that he bought the aeroplane from the Airport Authority of India one year ago. It was brought in parts and again reassembled in Noida.

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