Woman bags title for finishing 100 gm of pasta in record time. Can you guess how fast she ate? – Hindustan Times

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People create world records by doing many different things. Be it in anything, there is no denying that bagging a title approved by the Guinness World Records (GWR) is an amazingly impressive feat. Still, there is some kind of fascination associated with records related to food. Case in point is this video showing how a woman finished a bowl of pasta in record time.

Shared on GWR’s official Facebook profile, the video features speed eater Michelle Lesco from Arizona, USA. The challenge was to eat 100 g of pasta and sauce. Lesco completed the feat in just 26.69 seconds. The clip also details all those who have tried to achieve this particular record previously.

Take a look at the video:

Since being shared about two hours ago, the video has gathered close to 54,000 views – and the numbers are only increasing. It has also received tons of comments from people.

“Send someone my way Guinness. I guarantee I can beat that time by at least 10 seconds,” wrote a Facebook user. “Awesome,” shared another.

What do you think of the record?

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